A terrible shadow fell over the island Crete when king Minos turned his back on the gods. A monster was born into his house; half man half bull. To hide his sin from the world, Minos called for one of the greatest minds in all of Greece; Daedalus. He tasked him to build an endless maze, from its depths neither man nor monster could ever return.
Together with his foolhardy but kind son Icarus, Daedalus completed the impossible task. With the monster’s eternal prison, the great maze, now complete, Minos threw Daedalus and Icarus into its depth to forever keep their silence.

Daedalus started plotting their escape and for the sake of his son, his dear Icarus, he swore on Athena to find a way out of the maze before the dreaded Minotaur would send them to the other side of Styx.



The middle position of the first reel is special, a winning symbol on the special position activates the Shifting Maze Avalanche.
All the reels shift one step to the left, and the game avalanches.
The symbol type on the special position becomes the Path symbols, and all Path symbols on the reels are locked and centered to make a path.
Two random Blocker symbols are unlocked for every reels shift.


The Guidance of Athena Feature is activated when an Athena Blocker symbol is unlocked. Up to 4 Path symbols are placed on random positions before new symbols fall down.


The Minotaur Wild Feature is activated when a Minotaur Blocker symbol is unlocked.
A Minotaur Wild symbol appears covering its entire reel.
The Minotaur Wild symbol gets a random Multiplier between x1 and x7.


Collecting 3 Bonus symbols in a game round activates 10 Labyrinth Free Spins.
Any win during the Labyrinth Free Spins activates the Shifting Maze Avalanche.
Labyrinth Blocker symbols can appear on any reel. Unlocking a Labyrinth Blocker symbol awards either an added Multiplier or additional Free Spins.

Game Information

Game ID mazeescape
Resolution Desktop: 16:9, Mobile: 9:16
Channels Desktop & Mobile Portrait
Volatility High
Min Bet 0.2 €
Max Bet 100 €
Default Bet 1 €


Overall 96.15%

Hit Frequency

Overall 22.86%

Win Probalities

Max win 25000 xBet