Unleash the powers of the four elements in this brand new Fantasma Games cluster win video slot!

In Elemento, winning clusters release elemental power, triggering a cascade and will either create a Wild Elemento feature symbol on the outer layer of the play area or activate any existing Elemento symbols that are part of the winning cluster and unleash its elemental feature.

There are 4 types of Elemento symbols, Wind, Fire, Earth and Water, each with its own unique effect. By activating all four element features during a spin the Free Spins is unlocked! During the Free Spins, each win will add to an accumulative multiplier that lasts for the duration of the Free Spin. Retrigger is also possible by activating the 4 elements again during the Free Spins.

We hope you’ll have fun, and wish you the best of luck in this brand new Fantasma slot that is as volatile as the raging elements and has a max potential of 16.000x the bet!



Places 2-10 Wild symbols at random positions in the Play Area.


Selects 9 positions in an X-shaped pattern in the Play Area and transforms all 9 positions into the same symbol. One activated Water Element Wild symbol can activate the X Flood Feature twice and turn two X-shaped patterns in the Play Area into the same symbol.


Selects one random type of low pay symbol and removes all symbols of that type from the Play Area. One activated Earth Element Wild symbol can activate the Demolition Feature up to 4 times and remove all occurrences of all 4 low pay symbols from the Play Area.


Selects one regular symbol at a random position in the Play Area and turns its adjacent 8 symbols into the same symbol or removes them. One activated Wind Element Wild symbol can activate the Tornado Feature twice and select two regular symbols at dierent positions and their adjacent symbols.

Game Information

Game ID elemento
Resolution Desktop: 16:9, Mobile: 9:16
Channels Desktop & Mobile Portrait
Volatility High
Min Bet 0.2 €
Max Bet 60 €
Default Bet 1 €


Overall 96.33%

Hit Frequency

Overall 44.25%

Win Probalities

Max win 16000 xBet